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690 Seek Joy! (2007)
Joy, Pleasure
Christians often think showing joy or enthusiasm is less holy or sophisticated, yet God made us for the joy found in his presence and in the Body of Christ.
Lent 2B, Proper 8C, 16B, 28B

689 Let the Dead Bury the Dead (2007)
Joy, Praise, Desire
God created us for infinite joy--along with its consummation in praise--but our desires are often too weak, and we are too easily pleased, so we must fight for this joy found in God's presence.
Proper 8C

686 The Vision for Resurrection:God's Kingdom Here, Now (2007)
Vision, Compassion, Body of Christ
The only vision that matters is how we serve Jesus; God has begun a great work among us, which will cost our lives and our fortunes.
Epiphany 3C, St. Luke

683 The Kingdom of God-Part 6 (2007)
Kingdom of God, Keys of the Kingdom, Stewardship
The Keys of the Kingdom that Jesus gave to Peter are not about earthly status, but about opening the Kingdom of God to all people--a task all believers are called to do through suffering, self-denial and dedication.
Proper 16A, Confession of St. Peter

681 The Kingdom of God and the Works of Jesus (2007)
Kingdom of God, Healing, Prayer
God has given us authority, enabling us to discern his will; then we are command and prophesy that the Kingdom would come, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Proper 9C

680 The Kingdom of God-Part 3 (2007)
Kingdom of God, Han, Forgiveness
The Kingdom of God and its values change everything; as citizens and servants in this Kingdom, our behavior should reflect that in how we love and forgive others.
Epiphany 2B

678 The Kingdom of God-Part 1 (2007)
Kingdom of God, Humility, Love
The Kingdom of God is not a place, but signifies God's reign and authority, it is characterized by communion with God lived out through lives of compassion, humility and love.
Epiphany, Independence Day, Proper 4A

677 You Shall Be My People, And... (2007)
Holiness, Freedom in Christ, Covenant
We do not make ourselves holy, but God puts his Spirit within us to move us to follow his decrees and live within his boundaries, that we might live a free and healthy life.
Easter Vigil ABC

729 Moving Into the Neighborhood (2008)
Evangelism, Love, Community
Evangelism is not about selling 'Jesus' to keep people out of Hell, but about building relationships, connecting with people, and teaching them what Jesus commanded us: People matter, stuff doesn't.

725 People Matter - Stuff Doesn't (2008)
Love, Faith, Image of God
People matter, stuff doesn't; if wealth, rules or anything else start mattering more than people, we have lost the Gospel and misunderstood who God is.
Proper 19B


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