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Part 2

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Introduction to the New Edition

Notes on this Edition

Introduction to the Original Edition

PART 1 - An Argument for Living a Holy Life

Chapter 1  -  Containing the first argument to a holy life, that being Godís creatures we ought to be subject to God, as all other creatures are, to observe the laws of our creation, and to consult the honor and dignity of our natures

Chapter 2  -  Containing a second argument to a holy life, from those obligations which our profession of Christianity lays on us

Chapter 3  -  Containing a third argument to a holy life, from the general consideration of a future judgment.  

Chapter 4  -  Containing a fourth argument to a holy life, the consideration of the future punishments of the wicked: that their torments are extreme and intolerable, without ceasing, and without end.

4.1  -  Torment Shall Be Great. 

4.2  -  The Torments Will Not Cease

4.3  - There Will Be No Decrease in Torment

Chapter 5  - The Rewards Which Have Been Prepared for Us

5.1  - God has great rewards for us

5.1.1  - God is Kind to His Servants

5.1.2   - Godís Infinite Generosity

5.1.3  - God Gives on a Grand Scale

5.1.4  - Christ Purchased our Reward.

5.2  - The Reward Will Be Great Because of Christ

5.3  - Christ Also Obtained the Reward for Himself

Chapter 6  - Rewards and Punishments Are Not Far Off.


PART 2 - General Directions on How to Live a Holy and Christian Life.

Chapter 1  - To Resolve Upon a Holy Life

1.1. - A Resolution Will Strengthen Your Cause

1.2   - Directions on How to Form a Resolution

1.3  - Take a Solemn Vow

1.4  - Write Down the Resolution

1.5  - Announce Your Resolution to the World



1.6  - Seek Out Like-Minded People

Chapter 2  - Self-Denial

2.1  - Take Up Your Cross and Forsake All

2.2  - Christ is Not a Hard Master

2.2.1  - He Requires Nothing From Us But What is Necessary

2.2.2  - He Was Our Greatest Example of Self-Denial

2.2.3  - He has made Us For Himself

2.2.4  - What He Requires is Advantageous to Us

2.3 - You Have Been Accustomed to Serve Yourself

2.3.1  - You Will Meet With Many and Great Difficulties

2.3.2  - Begin Every Day With These Thoughts

2.3.3.               Exercises of Mortification and Self-Denial

2.3.4  - Be Employed Not For Yourself But For God

Chapter 3  - To Give Ourselves to God

3.1  - Give Up Our Souls and Bodies Entirely to God

3.1.1  - We Are Godís Creatures

3.1.2  -  God is Our Only Supporter

3.1.3  - God is Our Savior

3.1.4  - His Holy Spirit is Working in You

3.1.5. - At Your Baptism You are Joined to God

3.1.6  - Faithful Service and Obedience Forever

3.1.7  - Resign Yourself to God

3.1.8  - Holiness, Perfection and Happiness are the Same

3.2  - Directions for the Holy Life

3.2.1  - Separate Yourself From the World  - Talk With God Alone  - Stir Yourself to Perfect Surrender  - Give Yourself Body and Soul to God  - Make a Private Vow Between Yourself and Your Maker  - Surrender Yourself Alone and In Writing

Chapter 4  - Grow in the Knowledge of God

4.1  - Grow Daily in God

4.2  - Directions to Improve in Divine Knowledge

4.2.1  - Learn Only What is Necessary

4.2.2  - Learn the Great and Useful Things as Well as Possible

4.2.3  -  Apply Yourself With All Diligence  - Read the Holy Scriptures Daily   - Read Good Books   - Listen to Sermons and Discourses   - Confer With Other Christians  - Meditate Upon the Things We Hear and Read -  Prayer  - Practice What We Know

Chapter 5  - To Live As in Godís Sight

5.1  - Live Always as in Godís Sight

5.2  - Practice Living in Godís Sight

5.2.1  - Godís Omnipresence and Omniscience

5.2.2  - Behold God in Everything

5.2.3  - Behold him in Everything Looking Upon You

5.2.4  - Offer Acts of Love to Him  - Offer Admiration and Transport  - Give Your Esteem and Preference  - Offer Protestation and Resolution  - Offer Up Your Desire and Aspiration  - Resign Yourself to God  - Give Yourself in Humility  - Rely Upon God in all Confidence  - Bless and Praise the Lord

Chapter 6  - Spiritual Guides

6.1  - Christ has Chosen an Order of Ministers

6.2  - Spiritual Guides are Authorized by Christ

6.3  - Christ Will Assist the Order of Ministers

6.4  -  Spiritual Guides Answer to Christ

Chapter 7  -  The Practice of the former Advice

7.1  -   Pray in Private for Godís Help

7.2  -   Use the Skill God Gives You in Choosing a Guide

7.2.1  -  A good guide is one that has received authority from Christ

7.2.2  -  A good guide is a person of knowledge

7.2.3  -  He is a man of prudence and discretion

7.2.4  -  He is humble, meek, and peaceable

7.2.5  - He has a Sense of Sacredness of his Office

7.2.6  - He can Carry on Affable Conversation

7.2.7  -  He is a man of courage

7.2.8  -  He is wholly devoted to the work that Christ has appointed him to do

7.2.9  -  He is a great lover of Souls  - Accept a Qualified Pastor in Your Parish  - Ask him to Take You into his Care  - Listen to him as You Would Listen to Christ  - Recollect and Practice what he Advises.  - Tell him what You Have Done with his Instructions  -  Keep a constant correspondence with him.  - Tell Your Advisor Your Weaknesses